Article from the Alabama Nursing Home Association

by: John Matson

Betty Yates, or Betty Britt as she likes to be called, is a perfect example of someone who continues to be involved in the community while receiving care in a nursing home. 

Betty, age 69, moved to Florence Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC about a year and half ago and continues to attend Mass, volunteer at a local thrift store and swim at the YMVCA each week. 

"I love that the nursing home is so encouraging of me remaining as active as I can with some of my previous activities," Betty said.  "It is very important for me to be involved in my church activities.  I enjoy being active both in the nrusing home and out in the community."

When Betty is not out and about you will find her busy at the nursing home.  She helped form the Actor's Club and along with her fellow residents has written and performed plays for residents, staff and visitors.  At last summer's petting zoo, Betty was in charge of taking care of a miniature horse.  She regularly assists with calling bingo games and helps other players read their cards.  Betty's commitment to the community and nursing home is part of the reason why she was selected as a top 10 finalist for the Ms. Alabama Nursing Home Pageant. 

"It offers comfort to know that you are cared for and also that you can be an encouragement to those less fortunate than yourself," betty explains.

Being active comes naturally to Betty.  Eariler in life, she was a librarian, worked for Campus Crusade for Christ and was a trauma nurse specialist and a flight nurse.  It's no surpirse to the nursing home's staff that she has made a positive impact on those around her. 

"Betty Britt has really made an impression since she first joined out family," Florence Nurisng and Rehabilitation Center, LLC Activity Director, Shelaine Powell said.  "Her positive attitude and the way she interacted with her fellow residents, especially those less fortunate, was notable within the first few days after she joined us."

On a personal note, Betty had four children and five grandchildren. 

All of the staff and residents are cheering for Betty, we all wish her the best of luck!

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